Our Communications

As the market leader, it is our responsibility to spread awareness of the fraud and scams. Innocent customers lose their hard earned money on these illegitimate products and later they are left with nothing but regret.

Though these products claim to be of top quality, they are actually nil in providing any after sales services and if the product displays any problems there is no guarantee that they will address your issues.

For the last few years, Advance Telecom has been using its brand communication and media to spread awareness of the importance of the legitimacy and quality of a product. We have used innovative and creative ideas to ensure that people are aware of scam products and are able to get quality products that are well capable of giving them their money’s worth. Our advertisements and other forms of communication for the past several years have been completely customized for the benefit of our consumers and the mass population in general, giving them easy awareness and essential information.

Our Digital Trends

The last few years have proved to be a boom for the IT industry. The technology, it seems has taken a flight and is soaring. All kinds of advances and progress has taken event and the world has now apparently become a ‘global village’.

Advance Telecom understands this progress, and being the innovative tech-loving company as we are, we have also taken steps to move with the world. Hence we created our Twitter and Facebook IDs to be able to interact better with our consumers. We will now be able to keep in touch with our customers and hence know more about their requirements. This will also enable us to improve our services and products.